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What are Transmitter Relays?

Basic Information
The Transmitter Relays (also called the "Watchman of the Gate") are a specific segment of therapies within the Esogetics system that specifically deal with the life lessons or life patterns that have been created, and hence what will be created based on previously experienced life patterns (conflicts). The therapy of the Transmitter Relays is one possibility for soul transformation. The transmitter relays, if done in its entirety, are done over 12 weeks (1 session/week), though a shorter segment of 6 sessions is possible by only going through the first 4 circles.

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"Do you ever feel like you keep 'repeating' the same life lessons over, and over, and over again? This can be a general indication of a blockage in what we call the Transmitter Relays. The Transmitter Relay segment is responsible for the overall system channeling the work done by the being upwards; individual aspects get 'checked-off' against a sort of life lesson 'check-list' and if a blockage is present, the information does not get 'checked-off' the 'grand-list'."

In the Esogetics System, there are seven (7) Transmitter Relays located on the physical body.

Layout for the 7 Esogetics Transmitter Relays
  • The 1st Transmitter Relay, the "Relay of Memory"
    • Contains whole program of the individual
    • Treatment of this relay helps higher development to happen in the best way
    • Consists of 8 circles located on the head
      • First 2 Circle of the Memory Relay deals with specific ages of the individual
      • The 3rd Circle of the Memory Relays deals specifically with the information and conflicts presented during the Prenatal Time, or from the individuals time in the Womb. We also believe this circle touches on the East Indian philosophy of the "Bardo" time.
      • The 4th Circle we call the "Circle of Dimension" or the "Circle of Karma". This circle touches on the idea of the function circles, i.e. Kidney/Bladder, Heart/Small Intestine, Lung/Large Intestine, Liver/Gallbladder and Stomach/Spleen. We also believe that this circle is able to touch what we call the "Seed Layer" of the individual, as well as the "12 pains" / the "12 astrological signs" and hence the "12 energies" and the "Cosmic Clock" or the "Clock of Pain". The "Seed Layer" we believe is the original cellular programming or scripting of the individual for this life.
      • The 5th Circle represents balance and polarity (Complimentary Law of Yin and Yang). We see that this circle helps with the unconscious aspects of the person, and reflects the baggage or the Karma of the first circle.
      • The 6th Circle we find can initiate inner changes of the individual, and hence is called the "Circle of Dimension and Life Circumstances Experienced".
      • The 7th Circle, the "Circle of Victory" relates to the 3rd Circle, or the Prenatal Circle. We see that it is related to the victory over oneself, and drives or opens the individual towards new deeds.
      • The "Circle of Change" or the 8th Circle in the segment deals with constant renewal, resolution of all pain blockages and dis-eases contained in this dimension and the grade of the original source for new beginnings. In this circle, all previous energies from the previous circles are coupled and reset.
  • The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Transmitter Relays deal specifically with the cellular aspects of the being, and help regenerate cells, organs and the entire system. These relays are also called the "Body Relays"
  • The 6th Transmitter Relay is considered the "Immune Relay"
    • Helps to clear especially strong/deep psychological blockages and old conflicts, and hence strengthening the immune system.
      • The belief is that conflicts, territorial invasions, trauma, etc, all put a strain on the immune system.
  • The 7th Transmitter Relay, the "Genital Relays" or the "Relay of Drives"
    • Relates to blockages of the first/root chakra.
    • Key area in the origin of all dis-eases.
    • Helps to clear blockages in the person's life energy including any blocks in their sexuality and creativity.
    • Helps to open up creative drives in business and person life
    • Done on the hands and feet

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