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November 2010 Newsletter

In the November Newsletter

Sleep & Dreams...

Last Sunday we turned back our clocks, to most people's excitement, as this seemingly allows us to get an extra hour of much needed sleep...

According to a recent study by the Amsterdam-based Philips Center for Health and Well-Being, 49% of Americans reported not getting adequate sleep on a regular basis due to a wide variety of stressors in the person's life. We know through other studies, that humans, through dreaming while they sleep, resolve the conflicts and stresses of the day. So, what happens when you don't sleep... or don't dream?

Sleep is more than just closing your eyes and being unconscious for 8 hours. Sleep involves REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, where we dream, and is responsible for helping the mind regenerate, and Non-REM sleep, where the body and physical cells of the body regenerate. The REM segment of our dreams also helps us to release the stresses and conflicts that built up during the day.

One effect of not dreaming or sleeping well is that the daily stresses and conflicts begin to "backlog", throwing off the diurnal and circadian rhythms and causes what we call a "Spiritual Constipation". Spiritual Constipation is believed to then manifested into the physical reality as physical constipation, which then doesn't allow you to adequately remove physical toxins from your system, and in turn, causes stress on your immune system, hence also leaving you weaker and more prone to illness and dis-ease. As you can see, it then can becomes a spiraling effect of stress, conflicts, not sleeping, and getting sick... and eventually dis-ease.

This month's newsletter is dedicated to helping you find better ways of coping with stress, and getting better, higher quality sleep...

Herbs, Supplements and Holistic Therapies to encourage "good" Sleep...

There are many fantastic options available to people through the use of Herbs, Supplements and Holistic therapies to help encourage good, regenerative sleep. As always, do your own research on anything you take, talk with your allopathic (Western) medical doctor, as well as an herbalist, or other professional that specializes in such things...

  • SAM-e is a naturally occurring compound in all living things, and as age goes up... SAM-e goes down... SAM-e is available as a nutritional supplement, and is often times used to help promote a balance of brain cell functions and help curb depression. It is best used during the day/early morning, and on an empty stomach.
  • Melatonin is another supplement being talked about widely by many natural health enthusiasts, and for good reason! Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant produced by the body in the pineal gland (the light sensing "3rd eye" within our brain) and helps maintain a healthy immune system and helps to increase our mood by its relationship with Serotonin (Melatonin is made from Serotonin). For people that are not producing adequate levels of Melatonin, supplements and other options are available on the open market.
    • An easy way, according to a recent study, to help increase Serotonin is by eating popcorn! How fun is that! Serotonin, according to the study and other sources, may help with depression, and increases REM sleep!
    • Another great way is to eat some Turkey! Yes... Turkey --- and what great timing seeing it's November and all :)  L-Tryptophan (the stuff that everyone says makes you very sleepy after having that HUGE Turkey Dinner) plays a huge role in the body being able to produce Serotonin :)   (eggs actually have the highest amount of L-Trypotophan)
  • Holistic Therapies, like meditation, Reiki, massage and of course, Esogetics Colorpuncture :)
    • SchaOn just completed an intensive training called "Symbols: Dreams". Esogetics Colorpuncture already has many awesome therapies to help encourage restful sleep, though this training contained a lot of *new*, fantastic, and more powerful therapies developed by the Institute of Esogetics in Germany specifically geared towards sleep and insomnia issues, and lack of dreaming and regeneration of the mind, body and spirit through the night... and as we already know, dreams help to resolve the conflict from the day.
    • Another great holistic therapy that I talk a lot about is the Moist-Heat Liver pack. The Liver Chi, according to Oriental Medicine, helps us to process the harder emotions, fear, anger, anxiety, and we see that with the Moist-Heat Liver pack that people get a feeling of relaxation, and helps them to feel regenerated the next morning.


Vitamin C - the Good... and the Bad...

Tis' the season to make sure you're getting your Vitamin C! Eating Oranges, taking dietary supplements, vitamins, and et al... every where you turn, you see "Vitamin C" on labels...

The other day, I saw a question on a forum on Merchant Circle in regards of "Is there any side-effects of overdosing on Vitamin C". Now, most people would say (which many people did say on this forum question), that you cannot overdose on Vitamin C as your body will just "pee" it out. Unfortunately, when taking mega doses... that is NOT the case as your body can only rid it so fast!

Overdosing on Vitamin C can cause:
  • Diarrhea,
  • UTI-like effects (Urinary Tract Infection) --- as you feel you have to constantly "pee" and will be doing the "pee-pee" dance a minute or two after going...
  • Nausea,
  • Heartburn,
  • Abdominal Cramps,
    • Some people have even reported muscle pain all over the body
  • Headache,
  • Insomnia,
  • Kidney Stones,

According to the Mayo Clinic, an adults upper limit of daily intake of Vitamin C is 2,000 milligrams (mg).


Therapy Pricing Structure Changes

Due to the HUGE success of the Community Colorpuncture w/ Acupuncture, Psinergy will NOW (effective immediately), be switching to a completely full sliding fee scale for ALL sessions!

We believe that this new pricing structure is more in-line with our business and personal philosophies (that good health is for everyone on all levels of mind-body-spirit, not just those who can afford it) and allows us to further to provide these valuable services to everyone!

  • 60 Minute Individual Private Sessions: $40 to $100 (you choose how much you can afford to pay)
  • 30 Minute Individual Private Sessions: $20 to $60 (you choose how much you can afford to pay)
  • Community Colorpuncture w/ Acupuncture: $15 to $40 (you choose how much you can afford to pay)

Unfortunately, our scheduling software cannot handle a sliding fee scale (we are working on a way to do this though)... so, when scheduling online, just click "Pay Later"

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