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What is Polarity Therapy?

According to Polarity Therapy there are four bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional, which are ‘energetic’ or ‘intangible’ and the physical which is ‘tangible’ or ‘material’.

The theory in Polarity Therapy also holds that there are five elements contained within the physical body, namely Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Ether. When all of the bodies and elements are in alignment, the individual is in their natural state of homeostasis, and they experience optimum health. When these bodies and elements are out of alignment, or become blocked, dis-ease can manifest.

Polarity Therapy seeks to bring all bodies and elements back into alignment through the activation of specific points along the tangible body as well as energetic clearing of intangible bodies. Points on the physical body are activated by way of light touch from the fingers, energy bodies are cleared through the use of crystals, visualization and sound techniques. The end result is deep relaxation, feelings of clarity and revitalization. The ultimate goal is to bring the individual back to a state of balance.


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