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Is Windows 10 still an issue?

Almost everyone is all too familiar today with the pop-ups from Microsoft saying “Upgrade to your Free Copy of Windows 10 now!”. Shortly after Windows 10 was released to the public, we did a blog post “The Woes, and Wows, of Windows 10!” advising people to be pretty cautious if they decided to upgrade and probably just shy away from the upgrade for now as it was fairly buggy (even though it was now being sold retail).

So, what have we seen since that blog post? Well, from the trends we are seeing is that if you buy a new computer with Windows 10 already installed on it OEM from the manufacturer it’s usually OK.

Now, most of our clients, and probably you, aren’t looking at buying a new machine and instead would be looking to upgrade. So how are the upgrades going for people? Well, for a good number of people, it’s a pretty smooth process. Honestly, Microsoft has made it as simple as possible to get this new operating system, and with just a few clicks of a button (some don’t even realize they have clicked to install it) and some restarts, you’re on the new Windows 10… that is, if your computer still boots.

So, what’s our opinion at this point?

Thoughts of ComputersWe have 3 machines at home running Windows 10 that we have upgraded. Our media center machine, a laptop and the workout room machine. For the most part these are running fairly well. It seems stable and fast, and normally does what we need them to – we’re able to VPN into the office when we need to, surf the web (Facebook, Emails, etc) and other minor stuff, though keep in mind these machines have very limited use for us. The issue we run into consistently is with our laptop which we only use maybe once or twice a week and it seems, at least for a few months, no matter when we went to use it that it needed to be restarted before we could use it because of an update that made the start button, or other things, non-operational. Yes, many things have moved, and it is slightly different, though it does seem like a vast improvement over the previous Windows 8.x with Metro UI, and Windows XP, Vista and 7 users will be much happier with it compared to 8.

So, what if you’re going to make that leap of faith to Windows 10?

First, make sure you have everything backed up. Second, while many people have had no issues with the upgrade, there are many people who have the complete and utter opposite. We’ve seen multiple clients who had recently done the upgrade in the last month and half, and after diagnosing what happened we found that the motherboard fried (power management issues), which could have been completely coincidental with the timing – but can’t go without noting due to the shear volume we’ve seen. Thankfully, many of them were still under the manufacturer’s warranty… though some of them were not. Also, all of those machines, according to the manufacturer, were Windows 10 compatible. For other people recently, their programs haven’t been working after the upgrade, or they were unable to click on anything after updating (which meant they couldn’t even do the rollback themselves). The third thing, if you are having issues with Windows 10, there is a very simple downgrade process you should be able to complete on your own BUT it must be done within the first 30 days after updating! Fourth, if you really want to do the upgrade, give yourself a few days or even a week to get use to the new operating system, and possibly having to work through bugs, manually update drivers, possibly doing the rollback, taking your computer to us to get it fixed, or even having to buy a whole new computer. Last but not least, don’t feel pressured to do the upgrade. If you don’t want it, and are sick of the notifications, those can be turned off.

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