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Don’t forget to show your computer some love!

Love is in the air (and hopefully Spring is on its way as well). It may be odd to think about, but our computers could use a little love and some extra TLC right now. There have been a lot of new exploits, vulnerabilities, viruses, and the like coming out of the woodwork lately. In response, software and hardware manufacturers have been releasing a torrent of updates to correct or at least mitigate these risks.

Is your computer going as slow as a snail?The majority of calls we have been receiving lately are complaints about how slow computers are functioning. Some of this is directly due to changes in how processors function. A greater portion of the reason for the sluggishness is from the sheer size and number of updates that have been rolling out recently, many of which get stuck processing in the background. If you are experiencing a sudden unexplained sluggishness in your computer, this could easily be a big part of the problem.


What does any of this have to do with showing your computer some love? Mainly, it’s a reminder to give it some extra attention by making sure to check if it needs updates, both for software and hardware. Don’t just rely on the “Automatic Updates” that are set up in the system because if something gets stuck in that process, it might not even be able to notify you of issues. This is also a good time to see if there’s cleanup that needs to be done.

Don’t ignore your “electronic friends” this time of year and maybe take a moment and tell your computer, “Thank you for everything you help me with. I appreciate you.”.



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