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Prices for things: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT


In Access Consciousness, there’s a tool used “How Does it Get any Better than This?“. When this tool is explained you sometimes will hear a story about a person just learned about this tool during an Access workshop, and while she was leaving found a dime, or a five dollar bill, or something like that, and said: “How does it get any better than this?”. Because of this person’s newfound mini-fortune, the person decided to take a cab instead of taking the train home. Now, normally if she would have taken the train she would have entered in from the backside of the building she lived in, though seeing she took a cab, she was dropped off in front of her building, and as she stepped out of the cab found a diamond bracelet right where she was about to step, and exclaimed: “It doesn’t get any better than that!”.


In Access, simply, the entire point of it is to ask questions [of the Universe, your subconscious mind, or whatever it is] and allow for an option or options to present itself with which you may decide to choose or not to choose, while also releasing the thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, et al, that hold you back from being who you truly be. It sounds a lot simpler than what it sounds and is seriously as simple as it sounds. A lot of Access is about getting to know more of who you truly be, and releasing whatever isn’t allow for you to be just that… your true, beautiful and amazing, self. While yes, a lot of what you hear in Access sound very fantastical, it’s simply about activating “something” through questions to achieve the results you desire.


There are so many examples of how people have used this specific tool to see a better option in their lives; upgrades to flights, better service, better parking spots, the list goes on. As an example, one of the areas I personally chose to use this specific tool a lot was on gas prices. We would drive by a gas station, look at the price on the sign and would ask: “How does it get any better than that?”, with the thought that gas prices needed to go down to be more affordable for us. We would do this with almost every single gas station we would drive by, whether we needed gas or not. Inevitably, when we needed to get gas, the price was normally considerably lower. Coincidence or mind-over-matter? Does it really matter? No, not really… we were seeing results for whatever reason, and that is what mattered… affordable gas prices for us.


Scratching head

“That’s not what I expected… crap.”

After seeing the results of less expensive gas prices, we decided to add in another tool “What else is possible?”, though quickly fled from that as each time we would use this tool, the opposite would happen… gas prices would go up! Now, keep in mind, during this entire time we are using these tools was because we are attempting to create more financial freedom and more ease in our lives… a pretty common desire for a good number of people today. While yes, the increase of the price is another possibility, it was not our desired result, or at least we thought it wasn’t our desired result based on the judgment we bought into that gas prices, and to be honest – everything from food, housing, utilities, etc, needed to be a lower price for us to be able to easily afford to put enough gas into our car and for us to live our lives – while still being able to afford everything else. Damn, that is a lot of work to have to keep asking questions of the Universe to alter everything around us to bring the perceived cost of pretty much everything around us lower so we could live our lives in a certain way.


Eventually, I decided to ask another question as to why I was seeing the results with that tool that I was seeing. One of the biggest things in Access is “ASK A QUESTION” as questions empower. Also, keep in mind it’s not that you don’t know something… it is that you are not aware of something and that something could become aware to you… if you just simply ask for the awareness. So I asked: “I’m not aware of why I am seeing these results in this unexpected way. Can I get better understanding of this?”  (yes, that awareness sometimes can take a bit to come to you)


After asking that question, I had a realization pop into my head “SchaOn… why are you constantly working so hard to change the world around you to fit into your extremely limited financial state-of-being? Would it not be much easier to instead change you and your financial state of being to be able to easily afford the gas prices at whatever price they are with total ease?” #DUH! Wow! Mind blown! I had been sitting there that entire time keeping me and my financial state within a limited box constraining me just so I could have cheaper gas prices!


So now when I drive by a gas station, I still ask… “How does it get any better than that?” though with the focus on the ease and comfort at which I am, or am not, able to afford the gas, or whatever else, with greater ease and freedom and without needing to sacrifice other things that my physical being needs or requires. Other times I will also ask something like: “What will it take for me to be able to afford gas at whatever price with total ease?” [or xyz – whether I need that item or not. You could use this while looking at cars because they are pretty, or window shopping in a mall – just ask, and see what options show up!].


Other Examples of uses for “How Does it Get any Better than This?”

  • A client schedules an appointment: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • A client cancels an appointment: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • Finding a penny on the ground: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • Finding two pennies: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • Your car stalls: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • You wake up in the morning: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • Someone opened the door for you: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • Someone was an ass to you: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • You just received a call with bad news: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • You get a call with good news: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • You win the lottery: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
  • You are dying from a life-threatening illness: “How Does it Get any Better than This?”
    Note: I’m not saying this will save, cure, treat, etc the life-threatening issue, etc, I’m just saying… ask.

While yes, there are a vast number of tools that Access Consciousness has laid out… some are a little more helpful in some situations than others, and sometimes the simplest is completely reality altering… and you can ask multiple questions. 😉



“Ask… and you shall receive.”



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