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5-Tips for beating a Summertime Heatwave

Tip #1: Abhyanga with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is considered a “refrigerant” in Ayurveda. This means it’s very cooling. Slather this on for your daily Abhyanga (self-oil massage), allow the benefits of the coconut to absorb in for about 10-minutes before taking your shower. Remember… don’t use soap, instead, just allow the coconut oil to stay on the skin. Additionally, there are some minor SPF, and even better anti-aging benefits to the coconut oil.


Tip# 2: A handful of Strawberries

Strawberries to help with summer heat issuesFeeling the effects from the heat and humidity? Try a handful of strawberries, and in about 5-minutes, excess heat should be dispelled. Remember, eat strawberries by themselves, so best as a nice snack in the mid-afternoon or late morning.

Additionally, strawberries are also considered a “refrigerant” and helpful with relieving thirst, is high in Vitamin C, fiber, and a bunch of other things. In Ayurveda it is also seen to be helpful with obesity, gout, arthritis, diabetes, constipation, hypertension, and kidney stones.



Tip 3: Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice to beat the Summer HeatHad a little to much to drink the night before during some late-night summer fun? Pomegranate Juice is calling for you. There’s too much to say about this amazing fruit and its benefits with releasing excess heat, so check out what Joyful Belly has to say about it. (PS — it’s also a great mixer – wink)






Tip #4: Water with Mint & Lime

Lime and Mint to Cool from the Summer HeatWhile Lime is another thing that helps to counter the effects of alcohol, it is cooling and refreshing to the system. Add a little mint as well to boost this cooling effect.

As a side note… preferably drink water without ice. Instead, have it room temp or slightly warm. One reason is that adding ice to your beverages depletes your digestive fire (agni) according to Ayurveda, making your digestion less efficient and has to work harder. Also, while many love Cucumbers Water… that’s also a no-go according to some as it’s incompatible.

Side Tip: Diffuse some Lime and Peppermint Essential Oils into the air to help create a cooling atmosphere in a room.



Tip #5: Keep the Bugs away with Neem Oil

Neem Leaves for SummerNeem is cooling, and great to use on the skin as an Abhyanga, or you can even put some on before a bonfire. One of the coolest things about neem is that it has natural pesticide effects that are non-toxic to humans though help to keep mosquitos and other “non-likeable” insects away. It’s also often used traditionally for fungal issues – something that is common, according to natural medicine, for someone who has too much fire.

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