Event: Colorpuncture for Me and My Family — Psinergy LLC

Colorpuncture for Me and My Family

January 14, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness
1553 Como Ave
St Paul, MN 55108
SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

Esogetics Holistic MedicineAn Apothecary of Light class

These simple treatments from Esogetics Colorpuncture are designed for health maintenance and self-help with common complaints from a natural health viewpoint. The therapies learned in this module are for everybody, be it at home or on the road. We are offering this workshop for health-conscious lay people and interested therapists.


Class Material

In this full 8-hour class you will learn a wide range of natural health color light therapies that you can use for yourself, your family, and even friends.

Therapies & topics included within this module:

  • Learn briefly about the Esogetics Model.
  • The basic principles of light and the meaning of the different frequencies (color) in the context of healing.
  • The Function Circle therapies (Kidney/Bladder, Liver/Gallbladder, Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas, Lung/Colon, Heart/Small Intestines), including tooth points, auricular points, and lines.
  • The Inverted Man principle and Converter Point therapies (pain therapies) for the entire spine, hips, knees, shoulders/neck, and genitals.
  • Coordination 1 & 2 (helps with synchronizing day and night rhythms – helps reset, rebalance, and recharge the individual, also great for integration of information)
  • Therapy for tension in the Upper Epigastric
  • Therapies for states of restlessness
  • Coordination 10 and additional protocols for Sleep Disturbances
  • Immune Boosting/Defense therapies: lymph stagnation and sinus issues, flu, ear issues
  • Intro to 8 of the Esogetics Dream Zones
 You will also receive a 55-page manual of the class outlining the therapies.
Energy Exchange / Cost:
  • $120 for non-members/public [register]
  • $108 for Psinergy Monthly-Members [register]
  • $64 for CCPs or current students going through Colorpuncture Certification (please call to register for this pricing)

Tools Needed

While a tool is not required to learn the information, you will want one of these tools to be able to perform the therapies effectively:



  • Do I need a light set to take this class?
    While the best results will be achieved when doing these therapies with a light set, you are still welcome to learn the therapies. If the light set is not within your financial means to purchase right away, we would encourage you to use the Information-Energy Reflector Wand in the mean time.
  • Are CEU credits available for this course?
    Currently, we are not able to give CEU credits for this class.
  • Who is this course good for?
    This class is a fantastic class to get your “feet wet” with learning what Esogetics Colorpuncture is with a wide range of more physical affecting therapies. While this is not a Professional-Level Certification course, you do learn powerful and effective therapies while gaining valuable base knowledge of the Esogetics Colorpuncture system. This class is designed more for non-professionals (home user/self-care) due to the terminology & simplicity of the information while also keeping health professionals and practitioners in mind. Health Professionals who would find the information in this class useful are practitioners in fields like Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapist specifically Shiatsu Practitioners, Ayurvedic Practitioners, and others.
  • Breaks & Lunch?
    We will take a 45-minute to 1-hour lunch (on your own) break part way through the class, and have regular breaks through the day. We do have a fridge, toaster oven, and hot plate if you need to store lunch and heat it up. Healthier snacks will be provided during the class. Nearby food places within walking distance: Café 99, Nelson Cheese & Deli. Delivery: John’s Pizza. Short Drive: Mim’s Cafe, Hampden Park Co-op.


About the Instructor

SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTATSchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT specializes in relaxation and de-stressing therapies, as well as working with individuals with chronic ‘hard-to-resolve’ issues. He has completed extensive training in Esogetics Holistic Medicine and Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, has completed various levels of training in BodyTalk Access, Access Consciousness “the Bars”, Complex Homeopathy and Ayurvedic Medicine, just to name a few. He has been published in several local, national and worldwide periodicals, interviewed for articles by local mainstream news organizations, and an invited guest writer for MerchantCircle.com – the largest online social directory of small businesses in the United States – who labeled him as a ‘Community Leader’ in 2010. Additionally, SchaOn is a regular guest speaker on the topic of Esogetics Colorpuncture at Anoka-Ramsey Community College for their Nursing and Holistic Health Degree programs, and from 2013-2015 was an Instructor at Normandale College teaching classes on Holistic Health & Wellness. In 2014, he was invited and held workshops for the State of Minnesota’s Department of Administration on the topic of “Natural Stress Release for the Busy Professional” during their “Stress Quest Week”.

SchaOn stays very active in the Natural Health & Wellness community. He was the Chapter Vice President to the Twin Cities Holistic Chamber of Commerce 2013-2014, was the Community Outreach Manager for the Edge Magazine from 2011-2013, hosted for a monthly radio show, is the Organizer for the Twin Cities Energy & Holistic Workers, a group of more than 1,500 individuals, and has been on the Board of Directors for several local community based non-profits.

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