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2016 CSA Info & Free-Range Soy-Free Eggs

Spro Gard is bringing Farm Fresh Free Range Soy-Free Eggs to us on Thursday’s and Sunday’s. Farm Fresh eggs last for about 3 to 4 months when stored correctly. 1 dozen is only $2.00 (cash only to help them reduce costs).

Below also find out information about this year’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). One unique thing about Spro Gard’s CSA is that about 3 days before the CSA is delivered you will receive an email letting you know what is coming that week. In that email, there is a link to where you can log in and modify it. For example, let’s say you really don’t like Egg Plant, you can say that you don’t want Egg Plant but would rather have another option (which you choose). Additionally, in that email are also free bonuses that you can pick, like peppers (because most people don’t want peppers every week). Also, another great thing about this CSA is, lets say you have a get-together that week and want something extra, you can add it to that weeks CSA order ?

Each week the CSA is delivered to Psinergy where you can pick it up (hence the 10% discount for having it delivered to our location). This makes it a lot easier on Farmer Frank.



Spro Gard Organic Farm

Free-Range Soy-Free Eggs: $2.00/doz

Remember to Sign-up for the CSA!

  • Your Way CSA (June – Sept)
    $545.00 – 10% off Psinergy discount= $490.50
    (Payment plan avail. for 4 payments of $139.75)
    +Meat add-on = $270.00 (season add-on = $60/season)
    +Eggs add-on = $50.00 (season add-on = $12/season)
    +Spring season add-on (April & May) = $35.00
    +Fall season add-on (Oct & Nov) = $35.00
  • Your Way ½ CSA (June – Sept)
    $305.00 – 10% off Psinergy discount= $274.50
    (Payment plan avail. for 4 payments of $81.25)
    +Meat add-on = $135.00 (season add-on = $60/season)
    +Eggs add-on = $25.00 (season add-on = $6/season)
    +Spring season add-on (April & May) = $17.50
    +Fall season add-on (Oct & Nov) = $17.50

CSAs will be delivered weekly to Psinergy at 1553 Como Ave., St Paul, MN. Delivery day is still to be determined. Note: Pricing may change through the season, so please check Spro Gard’s website for current pricing!

To Order your CSA (including via payment plans) go to: www.SproGard.com and use coupon code “PSI” in the Shopping Bag.


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