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Back to School Special! Expires 8/31/2017

Back to school tends to be a pretty busy, sometimes frustrating, and often a hectic time for many, and computer issues don’t need to be one of them.

Now is a great time to get a Windows PC Computer Tune-Up & Optimization (we re-optimize everything for you, check and clean out any hiding viruses1, make sure the system is up-to-date as there has been a lot of big security updates for all Windows platforms over the last 6 months – and even clean out the dust and cobwebs!). If you’re already having infection issues, you’ll want our Windows PC Virus Removal and Virus Repair (we remove the viruses while also repairing and re-optimizing your system from the damage caused, and also help to explain ways that you can avoid future similar computer infections).  If you’ve decided to go new, have us do a New Windows PC Computer Setup; we’ll take out the bloatware, help you choose a good, solid anti-virus software suite that fits your needs, transfer up to 50 GBs of data from your old computer at no additional charge, answer questions you may have about your new computer, etc).

Computer Repair Specials until August 31st, 2017:

  • Windows PC Computer Tune-Up & Optimization
    normally $149 — $99 until 8/31/2017
  • Windows PC Virus Removal & Virus Repair
    normally $149 — $99 until 8/31/2017
  • New Windows PC Computer Setup with Data Migration
    normally $149 — $99 until 8/31/2017 (covers 50GB of data included)

All the Back-to-School Computer Repair specials are for bring-to-us services only, meaning you get to come into our pretty awesome office!  ?  ?


PS: One more thing… school projects are normally pretty important, and to be honest, it’s pretty unlikely for your family pet to eat your computer and destroy your school homework (except for maybe the goldfish ?), so make sure the computer is just automatically backed up. CrashPlan has some really nice automatic and affordable options to keep everything on your computer safely backed up.


1 Why do we check for windows computer viruses even with a computer tune-up?: “How to tell if you have a Computer Virus“, July 3, 2017

Fine Print: No other discounts apply. No rain checks (water tends to be bad for computers anyway), Discount is limited to only these services and only the Bring-to-Us computer repair versions of these services (so, not on remote, onsite, etc). We’re a small, local business… so, we try to keep our sales and promotions simple, so if we didn’t make this clear enough, please let us know.

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