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Sick of the “Upgrade to Windows 10” messages? Turn them off!

GWX Control Panel dialogAre you sick and tired of Windows 7 or Windows 8.x constantly offering you ‘friendly’ reminders to upgrade to Windows 10? These, for many, have turned very, very, very annoying, and for those who have attempted to go to Windows 10, and failed miserably… it’s only a constant irritation and complete with terror filled nightmares.

Thankfully there is hope and we have found a fantastic little tool called GWX Control Panel developed by Ultimate Outsider, formerly called GWX Stopper. GWX stands for “Get Windows 10”. It is a free tool that can remove and disable these amazingly pesky notifications. The newer version of GWX Control Panel also includes an option to disable the “Upgrade to Windows 10” behavior in the Windows Update control panel.

Useful links for GWX Control Panel:


WARNING: As with any 3rd party utility… use at your own risk! FYI — Disable Operating System Upgrades in Windows Update “breaks” or disables the Windows Update feature entirely… so, totally use that at your own risk (because you won’t get any updates then – which can be a security risk, potentially opening you up to more viruses, hackers, and other things more scary than upgrading to Windows 10).

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