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When do you know you need to sage?

A quick #saging is great any time of year!

When do you know you need to sage?

  • The lights in your home, bedroom, or office seem ‘dimmer’ than normal
  • You just can’t get your gumption going
  • You feel like the space is heavy, oppressive, etc
  • Business seems to be going backwards for you
  • Some of the people that have been in the space since your last saging have not been well, physically, mentally or spiritually.

A quick saging can do wonders for the environment that you are in. If you don’t have time to chant, or to do a full cleansing… that is fine for a quick saging as you can just mentally focus on pushing out all the crap that does not serve your best interests while walking around with the smudge stick. I will also think very intently “Negative Energy: I order you – Get outta my space!” or sometimes I will even say it a few times, very directly, out loud and might stomp my foot down. Remember, you will have to fill the space after saging; you can light an incense, an intented candle, etc to help fill the space. This will help to quickly shift your environment into something more amicable for you, and others who enter it.

Side Note: Personally, I do this type of saging protocol a few times a week in my office. Being a small business owner, I don’t have time to do a full drawn out saging of the place daily, and this is a great way to help keep our space feeling inviting, balanced and healthy.

Blessings & Happy Saging!


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