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What happens after 11-years for a small business? Blog Post ideas…

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

One of the toughest parts of being in business today is constantly working to stay “relevant”. Relevant to your customer and client base, and relevant in search engines. Search engines, especially Google, really enjoy new content, but not just any content… the content must be relevant, unique, at least 600-words – but not a novel, and must have at least decent spelling and grammar (though that last part seems subjective).

You also want awesome pictures that go with what you are talking about to keep it visually entertaining, so besides all the other hats that small, local business owners must wear – bookkeeper, marketing and PR extraordinaires, housekeeping, events coordinator, etc – we must also be journalists, minor in some form of photography or graphic design, and be an entertainer… or at least know where to find decent royalty-free graphics that can be used for commercial purposes. (side note: I love both Pixabay and Pexels)


What to talk about?

A cracked light bulb fading showing the need for help with new ideasTo help you realize how much 600-words are, at the end of the last paragraph, I was only at 155-words, over 25% of the way there! Woot! (Oh, forgot to mention one of a small, local business owners hats is: cheerleader and your own Spirit Club founding member) Now with all that aside, the toughest part I’ve personally found, is that after 11-years of doing blog posts, networking events, talking with clients, sending out hopefully relevant newsletters on a somewhat regular interval is… what do we talk about anymore? Sure, I could write yet another blog post about “Things to do for your health this season”, or “7-Quick Tips for XYZ” (and get that to 600+ words), and many website content “experts” and business coaches suggest that you remove your old post, rewrite it a little bit – change a few words here and there to hopefully trick the search engine AI that it’s new content, and repost it. To me, that just seems lacking, plus AIs are kinda smart, so how long do you think it will be before the search engine AI realizes you are just recycling and upcycling your old content? Sure, it may be relevant, but not really new. These AIs are getting so smart that they are even starting to get the “tone” of the writing. The AI I use while typing (Grammarly… it’s great, everyone should have it), has this nice little handy GIF icon thing showing me the tone it’s picking up on while I’m writing this. My tone has gone from disappointing to friendly, joyful, and informal. So, that is also another thing that you have to keep in mind when doing a blog post – do you want your website to be known for being disappointing in the search engine AI community, or friendly and joyful? (PS — for those keeping track, I’m now at 464-words)


Blog Posts are not easy… at least good ones

Light bulb in head (a bright idea)With all that in mind (and there are many other things you have to keep in mind as well that I didn’t even touch on), the toughest part of doing blog posts I have found after 11-years in business is, “What do people want to hear about from us?”. It’s not that we don’t have things we can talk about, and in fact, I was reminded just the other day (LOL, yes, we’re Letterkenny Fans – maybe I should start a blog category “There are 500,000 Small Business owners in MN, these are their problems”), yet again, of how much knowledge both André and I have stuffed in our brains.

So, we’re reaching out to you and even created a nice nifty online form for this, to tell us what you want us to either type up as a blog post or we could even do it as a Vlog (video blog for those not-in-the-know).

Without further ado, here is the link to give us an idea: https://forms.gle/sjokPWQv3Zcg48B26 . You can leave ideas both for Psinergy Natural Health (so, holistic health and mind/body/soul related stuff) as well as for Psinergy Tech (Windows PC or PC Repair type things) via that link. We greatly appreciate and Thank You!


(Oh, and yes… made it over the 600-word mark, actually, now I’ve surpassed 700-words! Woot!)

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