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The Psinergy Difference: a Holistic Approach to Computer Virus Removal & Repair

We’ve had a lot of people ask about Psinergy, and how Computer Repair and Holistic Health go together. We are not your normal computer repair center, nor do we want to be and this is probably the most defining attribute.

Walking in

Having computer problems, especially a virus, can be extremely stressful. We have had many clients walk into our office at the point of panic (a few even hyperventilating). For a new client, often the first question is “Do you fix computers?”. When we answer yes, they many times will look to their right to the big blue wall and we see the tension melt off their face and shoulders. We have our new client take a seat and as we get the computer checked in, we offer them a cup of organic coffee, organic tea or filtered water in our relaxed client reception area.

Reception & Client Waiting areaOur client waiting area is very different: we have live plants (yes, you can have plants around computers, which help to create a healthier living space for you and yours), organic teas and coffee, and books to read. We have various essential oils placed out that you can smell (many used for relaxation and stress relief), often have candles burning, music playing, a water fountain and salt lamp. Some people even notice the hints of glitter in the paint. We want this to feel like a place you feel good coming to and leave feeling uplifted, not a place of dread that reminds you of the sterility of an ER.

While technology can often be cold and industrial, we try to remember that there is a person who uses the computer that would much prefer a comfortable chair, soft music, a warm beverage and a friendly face. We also work to meet a client where they are at, never talking down to or belittling them for their frustrations. We also strive to be a company and computer therapists (our version of technicians) you can trust and feel comfortable leaving your B.F.F. (computer) with, especially since it has probably become a very important companion in your life.


Our Computer Rehab Center

Computer Rehab CenterOnce the “patient” is in our Computer Rehabilitation Center, the fun really starts. We have heard numerous horror stories from clients who took a computer to another shop and lost all their data and programs because the tech just “wiped” the computer and reinstalled it to make sure the virus was gone (which is not always true – see below). A system reinstall is a last resort in our office for a few reasons:

  • It is a major hassle for a client to have to reinstall all their programs so they can use the computer again.
  • The biggest danger with the reinstall approach is that it doesn’t actually guarantee that the virus is gone! Rootkits and Boot Record infections are on the rise and most reinstall processes don’t clean these sections of the hard drive. Instead, we do extremely in-depth scans of every nook and cranny of your system. We also extensively test the system to ensure proper operation. This is why we are able to guarantee our work, and something most other places do not offer.

On top of removing the virus, we will also make optimization changes, apply security updates and will recommend upgrades and application switches to improve the user experience. At pick up, we go through and point out changes made and provide “tips and tricks” customized to your use to help you play with your computer friend better. A common response from clients is that their computer is running better than the day they got it.


The Synergy

These are just some of the reasons why we have clients for life. Stop in next time your computer friend is feeling a little under the weather (or even just for a regular tune-up) and find out how Psinergy produces a much better result – for both your computer and you.

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