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Issues with a Dirty, Dusty Computer full of hair?

Many people often forget that their computers need to breath. Computers have vents on them. Think of them as kind of like your nose and the fans kind of being kind of like your lungs, helping to push the much needed air all around keeping your computer cool and running efficiently. If the vents are dirty, plugged up, or covered, your computer can’t breath. Over time, your computer will die from not being able to breath from issues related with overheating and the slow death of suffocation.

Hair ball in vents not allowing computer to breath Some dust on the fans Hair in various areas of the motherboard & inside of the case

Symptoms of your computer not being able to breath:

  • It gets hot when in use and stays hot for awhile after being off,
  • Power issues like not powering on, or shutting off after a little bit of it being on,
  • Things running slower – or slows down after it’s been running for a little bit,
  • Screen issues can be a sign that the video card got hot,
  • as well as various other things.

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