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New Therapies Available at Psinergy: The Joint Symbols

SchaOn just completed two advanced training seminars in Esogetics Holistic Medicine/Colorpuncture. Each year, 1 or 2 Advanced Seminars are offered to certified Colorpuncturists to deepen their knowledge base and skill set to add to the already vast number of therapies they can utilize with their clients.

The more recent advanced training this year was the Joint Symbol Seminar that took a more in-depth look at the symbolic, and often psychosomatic, information held within the various joints of the body. It included therapies that are very gentle and non-invasive, utilizing specific correlated points on the body combined with specific frequencies of light. The joints covered in this seminar were the shoulders, elbows, wrist and hands, hips, knees, ankles, Lumbar-Sacral, TMJ/Jaw, Atlas-Axis as well as the skull sutures. Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetics Holistic Medicine says, “Disease is a Symbol. Healing is the understanding of the Symbol.”

Additionally, previously in the year, SchaOn also completed the 2015 Update Seminar in Esogetics. This seminar included advancements in new therapies as well as information to work with things like the Gamma Brainwaves. Gamma is a brainwave often attributed to the “Zen” and “Connected” State-of-Being of people who have meditated for years, like the Tibetan Monks. These therapies, while initially sound very metaphysical, are all about helping a person tap back into their own gut instincts – feeling their own innate wisdom again, and empowering them to move along their own life journey with confidence and more ease.

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