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Mind-Body insight into the impact of Fear

(originally published in The Edge magazine, page 3 in Feb/March 2022, Edition #341)

SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTATby SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

In Holistic Medicine, there is a saying: “Fear eats the light – Light dissipates Fear.” How do we see this impact the mind (information), body (matter), soul (energy)?

Think of the last time something scared or startled you. Many people’s instinct is to jump just slightly, then maybe to run the other direction – or possibly at it to fight. That moment when you jumped just slightly is Kidney 1 (Ki1) disconnecting from the ground energy. If it doesn’t reconnect, or you’re unable to process the trauma around that fear, over time we theoretically would see issues through the Kidney system. Some of the first signs of this are the shoulders slumped forward – partially a subconscious attempt to protect the heart, lungs and other vital organs in the chest – though also physical strength to stand tall is starting to diminish.

Areas that are connected to that vital Kidney Chi (Qi) are obviously the kidneys, but also the shoulders, knees, and bones. Remember the old saying after someone was frightened: “That chilled me to the bone”.

So, how can you counter this, naturally? One way is by activating your Kidney Chi and the Ki1 point (lots of root work). Another is by bringing more light into the whole being (think Sun, or more esoterically, Tiphareth). Esogetic Holistic Medicine (Colorpuncture) has several therapies for issues around fear. One therapy is done with specific brain frequencies and colored light, or alternatively crystals, applied to specific points located on the shoulders and knees. Another, utilizing the Love Disk (Love = Light = Life) is centered over the Kidney Poles as well as the “Pain Clock”. Another interesting therapy which is especially useful for “original” fear that inhibits you from shining out into the world, is a therapy that uses Pericardium 8 in the center of the palm.

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