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Question to André: “How to stop the Microsoft Pop-up Scams?”

Question: Andre, can you share how we can get rid of the scam that opens a dialogue box telling us to call Microsoft (of course it’s not Microsoft)? The dialogue box will not close when I attempt to close; it just reappears. And I have to shut my laptop down and run virus-removal apps…. I’ve researched it on the web and the solution to get rid of that malware seems awfully complicated. Is it really that complicated? My temporary solution is run Avast first, followed by Malware app, which quarantines it. But the scam appears to be popping up for more often. sO aNNOyinG! Anyone else found a way to solve this without spending a lot of money?

André’s Response: That’s a great question! Unfortunately, there are a lot of different ways that message presents itself, the most common of which is a pop-up from a website. #AdBlockPlus and #PoperBlocker are 2 options which can help.

You are correct that it is a scam and not actually Microsoft. So, please do not cal he number, and never give them remote access to you computer.

Quite often, there is an X in the upper right corner of the dialog box to close it, but it comes right back when you try to close the tab, normally with one slight change. There should be an option box to prevent the page from creating additional dialogs. Once that is checked you should be able to close the dialog and tab or browser.

If it comes up by itself, outside of a browser, then you should really get the system fully scanned for viruses and malware.

Response from Questioner: thank you for letting me know it is OK to check the option box to prevent the page from creating additional dialogs. I thought checking that would invite something invasive — so I really appreciate knowing that that is how I should be able to close the dialog. thank you! Do you recommend AdBlockPlus over PoperBlocker?

André’s Response: AdBlockPlus and PoperBlocker do different things, so both are beneficial, and both can be used at the same time.


Here are some example images

Microsoft Support Scams on the rise Popup-Scam-Virus-Malware-example-1 Popup-Scam-Virus-Malware-example-2

More example images here

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