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Avast had a glitch! – “DNS server isn’t responding”

Did your internet stop working Tuesday/Wednesday giving the error “DNS server isn’t responding” or something similar? If so, make sure to check your Avast Virus Definitions for updates. There was an error in the virus definitions that blocked DNS lookup requests.

The issue has already been corrected in the 8/14/2018 Virus Definitions update. So if it hasn’t already corrected itself, a manual update and restart should fix the problem.


How-to manually update:

  1. Open: Avast!
  2. Click: “Menu” in the top right corner
  3. Select: “Settings” in the drop down
  4. Choose: “Update” on the far left
  5. Click: “Update” in the Virus Definitions section


Side Note:

Also, expect your Windows 10 machines to be running a bit slow as the November 2018 Cumulative Update came out on Tuesday, 11/13.


Still need help?

If you still need help, please give us a call and we can do a Phone/Remote Session – or just stop in at the office.



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