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The Esogetics’ OGT And Kirlian EEA

For thousands of years, natural medicine has used forms of analysis tools to help understand what was going on with an individual. Many of these go all the way back to the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and even to India with the oldest form of medicine that is still practiced today-Ayurveda. Concerning the eyes, specifically, each system of natural medicine started to notice various things: were they large or small? Was there a dot in a specific area? Over the thousands of years since, information and commonalities have been added to and correlated, eventually becoming a branch of holistic analysis called Iridology.

Non-diagnostic iridology is a way of looking at the eyes, including the iris, and seeing what is believed to be potential expressions of the soul in the physical form—or another way to look at it—genetic information and its potential expression. Some newer ways to analyze the system have also emerged, like the Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis (EEA).

One of the things about natural medicine, and the entirety of it, is that it is still transforming, even thousands of years after its birth. For example, Esogetic Holistic Medicine, which is all about taking old-world knowledge and combining it with the information and tools of today, uses the information from iridology in a fascinating way via its therapy system called Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapy (OGT). Esogetics is a form of naturopathy that encompasses a wide range of therapy systems or branches of natural medicine within its one complete system. The most talked about system in Esogetics is Colorpuncture, which we talked about in the May 2018 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities (page 24). So now, let’s talk about two other aspects within the Esogetics system: The OGTs and the Kirlian EEA.

“Tradition talks about the human eye as the ‘window to the soul’, but also calls it its mirror. On the body surface, the inner reflects in the outer and vice versa.” – Compendium of the Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapy (OGT) by Peter Mandel


Touching the Window to the Soul: The OGT Therapies

One way that Esogetics has been able to utilize this information gained from iridology is through the OGT therapies they developed where the map of the iris is laid out onto the forehead, similar to how we have the reflex zones of the feet or ear, but this time with the iridology “template”, and hence working at a slightly different layer of information beyond what we access via the foot or ear reflex zones. Similarly like other reflex zones, we see the entire body in the “OGT Field”, like the segments of the spine, legs, hips, parts of the brain, eyes, ears, etc. From these reflex points, therapists are then able to utilize specific colors of light, or frequencies, on the correlating points to help provide new, correcting energy and information to the point and hence correlating to part of the being, in a gentle, noninvasive and very approachable way.


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words and Memories

Another area that sets the esogetics system apart is the Kirlian EEA tool as it offers very fast insights into not just the physical state of being, but also the mental-emotional and spiritual causal states, and provides insights into the information and energy flow of the client. Kirlian photography, which is different than aura photography, is believed to depict an energy field that surrounds all living things, and Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetics, first came across the Kirlian at a world health fair. Shortly after, he started playing with it to see if there was any potential benefit; after taking a photo of his fingers, he noticed a lack of emission in the medial region of the pointer finger. Having been trained in acupuncture in China years before, Mandel realized that this area was right along where the large intestine meridian flows, according to Chinese Medicine, and interestingly he was having some intestinal disturbances at that time. He then applied an acupuncture therapy for the intestines, and after the needles settled down, took another photo and the emission in the photo changed. This got his brain going and he began developing this form of analysis. Initially, Mandel took over 800,000 Kirlian photographs of his clients and compared those to their subjective complaints and other forms of naturopathic analysis as well as their medical records to figure out correlations between what he was seeing in the photos and what was actually going on. To date, more than 5 million photos have been analyzed.

Today, a Certified Colorpuncturist (CCP) with the advanced training in Kirlian EEA would normally take an initial photo of the client, do their analysis, apply one therapy from the wide number they have been trained in, then take another photo and compare the before and after photos. In this second photo, the practitioner isn’t so much looking to see if something changed, but more importantly what didn’t change, what stayed the same, or was stuck in the same pattern from before the therapy was applied. This is where we need to focus… on that area that is “stuck”.

Currently, we use this form of analysis with the before-and-after photos to categorize the general state of the person into what we call “Pots”-endocrine (functional), toxic (inflammation) and degenerative (stagnation). We see correlations to the active, neutral and passive aspects of each element: earth, fire, water and air, as well as hints of the quality of the brainwaves of Beta, Delta, Alpha and Theta. Additionally, we see patterns of the causal chains of events and trauma and how these blockages in the flow of information and energy are potentially impacting the individual. All of this information shows a picture and story of the individual, their uniqueness, and how all of this has settled into the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual layers of the individual. Based on this form of analysis, we then have many clues, combined with other forms of analysis, as to which therapies we could use with the individual and their unique situation.

Overall, Esogetics is a system filled with a lot of information and tools, bridging old-world knowledge with some of the newer tools available today.

SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT is a holistic health professional, who incorporates a wide variety of natural health systems and has over a decade of advanced training and experience in Esogetic Holistic Medicine and Colorpuncture. He practices and teaches classes at his office in Little Canada at Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness. For more information, call 612-217-4325 or visit

Note: Iridology, Kirlian EEA and other forms of natural health analysis are not intended or meant to replace appropriate medical diagnostic testing.



Article originally published in the January 2020 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities on page 22-23

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