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How is a Chakra Balancing different with Penny?

The other day SchaOn asked Penny how a Chakra Balancing session is different with her versus another energy healer as each healer has a unique perspective on this seemingly common practice.

A Chakra Balancing is a little like getting a tune-up for your energetic body. When your chakras are balanced you’re able to bring in more of the good stuff like better relationships. This can mean friendships, business contacts and the like.

Penny Johnson with Raven Hawke LLCI remember meeting a man at one of the conventions that I was a vendor at years ago. This was when we were still hearing lots of things about 9/11. I think it was like 3 or 4 yrs after and it was still big in the news. I remember feeling his energy field and I could tell that all of his chakras were blocked. This poor man was in overload from all of the stress in his daily life. His body had closed down his chakras as a way to protect him. While talking with him, I was able to share with him a few things that he could start doing to start the process of reducing his stress naturally and in turn, open up his chakras.

Spinning ChakraWhenever I see a chakra out of balance I know this is effecting them in some way in their life. If this imbalance goes on for long enough it is believed to start manifesting into physical dis-ease. I like to remove all the blocks and then check to make sure the chakra is starting to spin. Depending on which chakra was out of balance is where a person will see the most amount of change.  People usually start to see changes in their life pretty quickly; sometimes people start to come into their lives that they’d previously been trying to meet or they might start speaking up more. It’s different for each individual.

While each healer is unique, I’m told that my energy feels different from other healers. Some people feel it like a warm energy; some feel it like a pulsing energy . Each person’s experience is unique. I have a very strong energy presence in my healing practice and many individuals don’t necessarily need an hour session with me. I often can get a lot done in a small amount of time. It’s been like that since I’ve done healing. If money is tight, or for a quick tune-up, the 15 minute session is a great option.

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