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The Importance of Cord Removals around Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and one of the big things on people’s minds are relationships, coupling, and all that romantic stuff. Many find this as a very irritating, frustrating and dreaded time of year that’s more like the onset of the plague.

Cords or Connections between peopleOne of the reasons this could be and why it’s so important to remove cords is that cord attachments can be from past relationships (or even past lives, past trauma, etc), and makes it harder to move forward into a new one. These cords allow past relationship drama that might have been destructive to still be feeding off of your energy and leaving you feeling drained with no energy left to start something new. We get so used to the energy around us that sometimes we think that we are free of these negative cords and it isn’t until things start to become stuck or we start to experience more resistance to the opportunities that we’re trying to create that we realize something, or someone, is holding us back. This can be especially frustrating for those that know that they’ve done all the work on resolving the emotional issues and baggage from family dramas, for example, though it’s not changing. These cords can be an obstacle in other areas of your life not allowing you to heal or make positive changes in your life.


Holding onto Past Trauma and dragging it with youSigns that you might have cords that need to be removed*:

  • You feel like there are obstacles in all that you’re trying to accomplish.
  • You might have tried making huge changes in your lifestyle and then be stumped as to why you’re not seeing the changes.
  • Experiencing feelings that are not yours or unusual thoughts, feelings or emotions like depressive or suicidal feelings when that’s not normally you, and they’re not going away.*
  • Odd, unexplained pains with no clinical findings.*

Energetic cords can show up as stuck energy in your aura or energy field and cord removal is like any good regular healthy maintenance program, and many various modalities have methods to deal with these. In Energy Work, Penny has been specific in-depth trained with these, and in Esogetics/Colorpuncture, SchaOn also has specific training and therapies to release various forms of attachments.

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