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Cold & Flu Season Preparedness

The cold and flu season is here, so I wanted to send out a quick note with some things can help keep you healthier naturally during the next few months.

It is important, more than ever, to keep a strong and healthy immune system, whether you vaccinate or decide that is not the correct choice for you. CNBC back in March of this year published an article that talks about when people are vaccinated with live virus vaccines that they are actually spreading this virus to the people around them…. for weeks after, or even months! Additionally, vaccines are not 100% effective and is not permanent. Additionally, individuals who repeatedly vaccinate become more susceptible to future infections. (See CNBC article for cites).

The first one is Black Elderberry. Elderberry has been shown to cut the time of a cold or flu down as the nutrients contained within the Elderberry make it very hard, if not impossible, for the viruses to replicate and reproduce.

Also, part of a healthy and strong immune system is healthy digestion (agni). Kapha Digest, also called Trikatu is a traditional Ayurvedic formula utilizes warming herbs to help increase the digestive power and helps to move excess mucus from the tissues. It is a really nice digestive aid when digestion can become heavy from having to many sweets, or the large amounts of food at group get-togethers. If you don’t necessarily need to boost your digestive power, then check out Triphala. Triphala helps to maintain healthy digestion and also provides good amounts of Vitamin C.

Additionally, some other very nice, and very quick acting options are homeopathics. The Coldcalm (also in a children version) is a nice thing to have as a just in case, as well as the Oscillococcinum (also available in a kid version).

Some other options to look into:

Additionally, having good throat lozenges, like the ones from Zand, is also really nice this time of year. Also, we can’t forget about some nice essential oils like the Invincible Immunity Blend from Amarita or Colloidal Silvers from Sovereign Silver. The essential oils are nice in a diffuser to fill the air, and the colloidal silvers I often use on door handles and other areas people touch during the cold & flu season. Oh, and if you will be traveling during the holiday season to come, check out “I Travel Well“.

All of these products can be found via our online dispensary powered by Healthwave (free shipping on orders over $50) at (or available in the clinic)… except the honey of course ?

Fall Cold Tea (for phlegmy colds)

  • 1/4 tsp ground Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Raw Unheated Honey
  • Mix Honey and Cinnamon together in a cup, add hot water. Let steep until a good sipping temp, then drink. Make sure to drink even the “sludge” at the bottom as this is the best part for helping to get things to move.

Make it a GREAT day!
SchaOn & the Team at Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness, a branch of Psinergy LLC

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