10/25/2015: Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash — Psinergy LLC

10/25/2015: Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash

Our friend Nuin is speaking to us this week all about transition and manifesting. Truly, you can’t do one without the other, and Nuin is well-equipped to help you with this. Nuin is known as a tree of knowledge, but also the world tree. Nuin has been there, done that and ready to show you how. She’s not so serious, but don’t mistake her humor for lack of commitment. She reminds us to laugh and enjoy life as we experience it.

Nuin has the ability to walk between worlds and, in this case, time. She knows where you’ve been and where you’re going. You told her yourself. Nuin listens to the part of you that will be, and carries that message back to who you are. She brings advice, support, and knowledge on how to manifest your most desired dreams. How? You already manifested them, she’s just telling you how you got there.

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