11/29/2015: Ioho (E-yo), or Yew — Psinergy LLC

11/29/2015: Ioho (E-yo), or Yew

Ioho seems to come up at least every other month to remind us of that constant birth, death, and rebirth cycle. Each year, month, week, day, hour, and minute is a chance for a new cycle. Take each chance to rebirth into something new. This means being able to let go of some cycles that need to reach their end. Not all ends mean that idea, project, relationship, etc. is done. It allows part or all of it to end and evolve into something even better than it was before. We also begin to put more energy into things are that still growing and blossoming.

Take a moment and think about all of the projects, ideas, relationships, etc. in your life. Which things are still growing? Which things are refusing to grow? Which things are you ready to let go of? By holding onto something at the end of its cycle, we aren’t allowing it to evolve into something else. We’ve stopped the process. In turn, we aren’t allowing ourselves to evolve.

So, again I ask: what are you ready to let go of to allow transformation into your best self possible?

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