11/8/2015: Fearn (fi-een), or Alder — Psinergy LLC

11/8/2015: Fearn (fi-een), or Alder

Fearn invites us all to look at our fears this week and take action. Fear is a needed reaction to let us know what’s happening around us. What do you need to be alerted to in order to move forward with strength and courage? When we hold onto fear, it paralyzes us. We get stuck in a pattern of stillness despite the call for movement. When we embrace our fears, we can take that energy and transform it into a platform that gives us strength, courage, and knowledge.

Fearn is also an energy of protection. When you’re feeling scared or unsure, call upon Fearn to help be guided into the right direction. Fearn is not the bouncer outside our homes, but he becomes the guardian to alert us of incoming situations that call for our attention. Face that alert to find the knowledge being presented to you. Move forward with Fearn, but leave fear behind.

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