11/15/2015: Ngetal (net-tarl), or Broom/Reed — Psinergy LLC

11/15/2015: Ngetal (net-tarl), or Broom/Reed

This week we take a look at habits and how they are affecting our lives. Which of those habits need to be cleansed from our energy. Habits are neither good nor bad as a concept. They shape patterns in our lives. If this situation keeps happening, this is the result each time. This brings a sense of comfort, stability, routine, and a place of learning. Look at a child learning to walk. They know that when they let go of the couch they fall over. Each time they try the same approach, they fall over. Then they stand again. They adjust to find a way to ensure they won’t fall over. They learn and grow. Not all habits allow for this. We all have certain habits that bring a pattern that makes us want to throw our hands up in the air and scream, “why does this keep happening to me?” The hard part, sometimes, is finding the habit that starts that pattern.

Ngetal helps us find those habits that are holding us back. It’s no surprise Ngetal was used to make brooms, clean water, and protect houses because that’s what her energy is all about. Cleaning away those habits and protecting us from starting them again. Ngetal invites some deep looking  within, rather than at, a situation. It might not be easy to see this reflection. Sometimes we end up seeing how we sabotage our own joy. This might be out of learned patterns from childhood, results of traumatic experiences, fear, etc. The answer might also be as simple as knowing that you don’t need this pattern anymore at this part of your journey. It’s not a negative pattern, but you’ve outgrown its usefulness. Out of love,  Ngetal empowers us to recognize when and how we can make different choices. Instead of asking why it keeps happening, ask how to achieve different outcomes. How would it be possible to have a different outcome? Why do I keep repeating this pattern, and what do I need to learn from this pattern to create a new one?

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