12/6/2015: Oir (U-eh), or Spindle — Psinergy LLC

12/6/2015: Oir (U-eh), or Spindle

It’s time to make something happen! Oir tells us: alright. If you’re ready to get to work, then I’m ready to help you make your dreams happen. 

For the last couple weeks the trees have been asking us how it’s possible to make things happen. How do we make way for the best transformation ever? How can I make this situation the best possible scenario? What do we need to release to move forward? Oir is about to show you how all of your hard work has paid off.

Oir warns us that he isn’t going to just give you want to want. Oir helps present opportunities to help us work for our dreams. Oir was used to make spindles for weaving. Oir doesn’t do the weaving for us. Oir just gives us the tools to do so. Are you ready to see opportunities to weave your dreams into reality?

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