11/22/2015: Phagos (fah-gors), or Beech — Psinergy LLC

11/22/2015: Phagos (fah-gors), or Beech

The energy lately around a lot of people has been that something needs to change. In light of all of the attacks (locally, nationally, and internationally) that have been occurring, there is a strong need for something different. We need to change a habit, a pattern, a thought, physical changes, etc., but we’re not sure how to get this change to manifest.

Phagos hears us. Phagos represents the ability to find and uncover knowledge. Phagos was originally used for some of the first books, so it’s no surprise this tree possesses the earliest recordings of this Earth and all those that have been here. If change is something you desire, talk with Phagos. He may present knowledge in an article you’re reading, a sign on the road, or just in conversation with another person. Take time and write in a journal. Be surprised at all that you can reveal to yourself. Information can be presented in a subtle way, or it may be presented in such a way that you can’t ignore it. Listen to that inner voice that is both as soft as the wind and as loud as thunder.

What information do you need to bring forth the change you desire?

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